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How much money you can earn from 1000 USD forex trading account

1000 USD trading account

Potential profit factors from 1000 USD trading account

Trading the forex market is very much popular nowadays and every single day the number of retail traders in the financial market is increasing at an exponential rate. When you consider forex trading as your prime source of income you need to learn the art of trading first. No matter how much money you have in your trading account chances are very high that you will blow your entire trading account in the market within the first 3 months.

1000 USD trading account

The 1k USD trading account might be too big or too small and it totally depends upon the trader’s financial condition. But we will show you the exact math which is will give you a clear idea about how much money you can earn with a 1k Dollar trading account. But before that let’s know the practical risk factors in trading.

Risk factors in trading

The professional traders in the financial market always trade the live assets with proper risk management factors. If you truly want to master the art of trading then you should develop a solid Forex trading basic so that you can execute high-quality trades in the market. Usually, the expert takes less than 2 percent risk in any single trade. So make sure that you are not risking more than 2 percent of your account capital on any single trade.

Profit factors in forex

So you have 1000 USD in your trading account. So for you long-term success you will be risking 2 percent of your account capital and look for at least 4 percent gain. Let’s say that you have a 60 percent winning trading strategy which is actually very great. Now let’s see how much we can earn in a single month.

Let’s say that we have executed 20 trades in a month. So 60 percent strategy will give you 12 winners and 8 losers.

Then you earning in profitable trade is 12 x 20 USD = 240 USD

Net loss in 8 trades, 8 x 20 USD= 160 USD

So you earn 240 -160 =80 USD in a month which is pretty great for a beginner.


But when you start trading as you full-time profession make sure that you take price action trading course so that you can execute high-quality trades in the market. As a trader, you need to learn as much as you can and only then you will be able to become a professional trader in the financial market.

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