Gravestone Doji

Abandoned Baby
Belt Hold
Concealing Baby Swallow
Doji Star
Dragonfly Doji
Gravestone Doji
Harami Cross
Homing Pigeon
Inverted Hammer
Ladder Bottom
Mat Hold
Matching Low
Meeting Lines
Morning Doji Star
Morning Star
Piercing Line
Rising Three Methods
Separating Lines
Side by Side White Lines
Stick Sandwich
Three Inside Up
Three Line Strike
Three Outside Up
Three Stars In the South
Three While Soldiers
Tri Star
Unique Three River Bottom
Upside Gap Three Methods
Upside Tasuki Gap

Gravestone Doji

Bullish Gravestone Doji

Trade signal: Bullish Reversal
Signal reliability: Low
Pattern formation

This pattern is formed often formed near the minor support level. The first candle is a bearish candle followed by Doji with long upper wick with no or very small lower shadow.

Bullish Gravestone Doji trading