Selecting your first broker: Things to check

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As you have just read the different types of the broker, it is very crucial for you to understand, what type of broker you will choose. It not only depends on your money that you can choose your broker, you also need speedy withdrawal and transaction of the money if you need it. Don’t forget Read More

How to trade with price action candlestick pattern

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We could definitely say that the price action is the core concept of foreign exchange market i.e. Forex.  But not only Forex all the other financial businesses’ key factor is the price. The price has the ability to decide the market movements easily and simply. Though for the traders it can be hard and complicated Read More

Why you should trade forex?

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As you have understood the simple basics of Forex trading, you should consider whether to trade in Forex or you a should spend your money and time in Stock Market. It is important that you not only remember the size of Forex, which is, comparing to Stock Market, the size of a big crocodile.You should Read More