EURUSD latest technical analysis

EURUSD testing critical support level | 8th April 2017

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EURUSD technical analysis: Hitting critical support level | 8th April 2017 First critical Resistance: 1.06446 Second critical Resistance: 1.09050 First critical Support One: 1.05834 Second Critical Support: 1.05383 Overall Sentiment: Bullish Δ The EURUSD sharply fall in the global market in the last week despite the negative U.S data and the pair ended up by hitting the Read More

USDCAD technical analysis

USDCAD technical analysis: Short position taken | 30th March 2017

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USDCAD technical analysis |Short entry triggered  on USDCAD at 1.34044 First critical Resistance: 1.34136 Second critical Resistance one: 1.35281 First critical Support One: 1.32800 Second Critical Support: 1.32061 Overall Sentiment: Bearish ∇ The USDCAD pair tried rallied hard from the very beginning of this weak but ultimately this pair failed after hitting the critical resistance level Read More

Why you should demo trade

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Demo Trading in Forex From the beginning of time, we have been telling you about the trading of forex, its size, its profit, its advantages, how you can make your money through this online trading in real time and also about different types of order. But one may not have the money and willpower necessary Read More