Professional Strategy


Trend trading

Trend is your friend.Learn to trade in favor of the long term trend just like the professional trader.


Range trading

Price stuck in a certain region?Follow range trading strategy and ensure a decent profit in the ranging market.


Channel Trading

Perfect way to trade the channel in the forex market.Execute high quality trades using this strategy.


100 SMA traidng

Want to trade the like the professional trader.Use the 100 day SMA to trade the dynamic support and resistance level.


200 SMA trading

Learn how to use the 200 day SMA and make profit like the expert trader.


Fibonacci trading

The best way to ride the trend in the market.Start trading with retracement right now!

trend reversal

Reversal trading

Want to ride the new trend in the market.This strategy is the perfect solution for you!


POwer scalping

Looking for an aggresive trading strategy? Power scalping system has the key ingredients for you.


Head and shoulder

Trade the bearish reversal in the market just like the expert traders.


Triangle pattern

The most frequent chart pattern in forex market.Make the best use of triangle chart pattern in your trading career.


Rectangle pattern

Trade the price confined in box! Don't missed the breakout and execute quality trades using this strategy.


Double top

Trade the double top pattern and ride the new bearish trend in the market.


Double bottom

Ride the new bullish trend in the market using the double bottom trading strategy.


Triple top

Trade the bearish reversal in the market with extreme level of condfidence and make decent profit.

triple bottom

Triple bottom

Start riding the new bullish trend from the very beginning and maximize your profit potential.

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