multiple time frame analysis

How to do the perfect multiple time frame analysis

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Importance of multiple time frame analysis There are many ways of trading the forex market in today’s world. Every trader has their own unique trading system which is being developed based on their personality. Some of the new retail traders often buy trading strategy from the expert to make a decent profit but still, they Read More

Forex Knowledge: An Overview

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Overview on Forex As we have gone through our previous articles, you have some knowledge about the basic understandings of forex. In this article, we will try, sum up, the article with the extracts of the previous articles major ideas and give you an overview on Forex. This article will circulate all the basic ideas Read More

Buying and selling Currencies

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Buying and selling  In this article, we will discuss the trading of major currencies in Forex. Let’s start with EUR/USD EUR/USD Here, Euro is the base currency. If you believe that, the exchange rate of USA dollar will fall, you are like to make a buy, that is buying more Euro at lower dollar rates Read More