Should you really invest your money in cryptocurrency?

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People all over the world are working very hard to secure their financial freedom. In the past, people used to trade only traditional currency pairs, but over the period of time, the expert investors are tending towards the crypto trading industry. Some of you might ask why the pro traders are fascinated with the crypto Read More

Are Women Better Traders than Men?

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Endless possibility for the women traders Electronic trading has changed the industry. Gone are the days of crowded open outcry trading floors, and men in rolled-sleeve shirts shouting market prices across a noisy office and buy/sell orders down an oversized telephone. These have all but been replaced with sophisticated technology that monitors prices and executes Read More

Price action trading mistakes

Mistakes that every advanced price action trader makes

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Start making money consistently Everybody wants to be a successful trader. The forex market is a vast market which offers an extreme level of profit potential. But in order to make a decent income in every single month, you need to have a solid trading strategy like price action trading system. In the eyes of Read More

multiple time frame analysis

How to do the perfect multiple time frame analysis

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Importance of multiple time frame analysis There are many ways of trading the forex market in today’s world. Every trader has their own unique trading system which is being developed based on their personality. Some of the new retail traders often buy trading strategy from the expert to make a decent profit but still, they Read More